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We can help implement a technological diversity of internal and external marketing strategies to expand your vision.

Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century have an immense advantage to start up their businesses. However, what are the different ways to effectively maneuver your company to the top of the competition? Craze Digital Media can help you find ways to expand your vision to the technological stage. We invest our research in Computer Science Engineering, Business Economics, Business Management, and Psychology in order to give you an innovative approach to your internal and external affairs.

Computer Science & Engineering

The future starts with today’s engineering. With the ability to code, we can create a masterpiece using your vision on a digital canvas. Your entire entity can be represented with the touch of Computer Science Engineering. Using professional-grade techniques in coding along with the following skills can create an innovative style of business.

Business Economics

The use of Microeconomics with new 21st Century approaches to technology can increase the amount of attention for your firm. The best way to do business is to understand where your company is at, competitively, and adjust to the variables that may increase revenue and attention for your business. At Craze, we have a traditional and new cutting-edge approach to business thanks to modern day Computer Science & Engineering.

Business Management

Administrative detail is always important with running a firm. A lot of the decisions that are made is made from Administrative employees. With a proficiency in internal marketing affairs, Craze Digital Media can create a new type of work environment that is more efficient for businesses--as well as a money saver in special instances.


A proficiency in Industrial and Organizational Psychology can help in the Human Resources of your company. If internal marketing is not a priority for your firm, then an external marketing opportunity is still possible. Understanding what the consumers see and want to see are examples of how crucial Psychology is in the world of business.

What We Do

At CRAZE, we want to develop a relationship so that there is transparent communication.

Brand Identity

What is brand identity? Well put simply, it's the special sauce of your business that sets you apart from every Bob, Joe, and Susie (the competition). It's how a business presents itself to, and wants to be perceived by, us (it's consumers). How do we design and develop a great one? With years of experience in business development and consumer behaviour.


An illustration is more than just some pretty colors. It is an interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept, process, or product. In the business world, it is problem-solving through the use of visual communication. You have a passion and vision, and our design team is ready to work with you to help illustrate that.

Web Design/Development

With multiple years of experience in web design and web development, combined with digital marketing, we carry great confidence and pride when it comes to our client's needs. Web design is more than just the layout and illustration of a website, it involves a careful and well thought out plan that engages users and incorporates certain elements to provide the best user/consumer experience.

Product Strategy

While the product strategy outlines the elements of the product and the company's target market, the product road map can be broken up into 6 elements: design, features, quality, branding, target market, and positioning. As a business, a vision for a great product must attend to external affairs. There are infinite ways to approach it, but only a few efficient ways to execute it.

UI/UX Design

User Experience (UX) makes interfaces useful while User Interface (UI) makes interfaces beautiful. UX focuses on the problem that is being solved and the user's needs. It is the features of the product and the user's flow of the product. A UX design is then passed off to a UI designer--in which the product will be visually refined. With years of experience in web/mobile development and consumer behaviour, our team is capable of taking your vision from scratch and transforming it into an effective UX and beautiful UI design.

Mobile Development

Mobile development for any of your projects will help your interface have a sleeker aesthetic as well as an increase in functionality. Newly found studies show that an average person uses their phone 47 times per day. That means more people are constantly on-the-go, favoring their smartphone or tablet to browse the web than on desktops. Now that it's been improving over the years, now is the best time for your company to invest into a reliable UX and an attractive UI that will pull an audience's attention.


Your goals are the priority. Making sure that we understand and know your objectives--long term or short term--gives us the ability to transform your vision onto a platform. Communicating our goals will insure that your vision is properly adhered to.


Developing the right project for you requires precision. Your needs are the foundation of all of our projects so that we can approach your vision in the most efficient way possible. Our choices are inspired by what your values are so that your success can be easily and efficiently achieved.


Although machines are perfect, there are always bugs. Our projects require preciseness and accuracy--with time being a friendly factor towards your vision. The more attention to detail that is required in making your vision come true, we will refine and follow through to ensure that your vision will seamlessly follow through as well.


One of the best forms of communication within a business relationship is the feedback. It is effective for both sides to discuss where the agreement, specifications and the details seemed clear. Or if the project took too long to refine. Or if your vision did not go as perceived. Every detail to us is important in seeing your firm grow. It is an essential keystone to growth and further development.

Featured Works

These projects can help inspire your next success with us.

Vibes Apparels

Web Development & E-Commerce

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Vibes Apparels is a lifestyle clothing brand.

Craze Digital Media


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Craze Digital Media is a digital marketing agency that creates websites, applications, and provides business development solutions, internally and externally.

Perfect Inventory

Web/Mobile Application Development

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Perfect Inventory is a fully-customized inventory management system that provides management and employees the capabilities to monitor and manage inventory.

Business Development

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Project Link

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Photo & Video Editing

Project Link

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Lady Shutterbug


Project Link

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As a software engineer and entrepreneur, I had a vision to solve problems through innovation and new technologies. I take great pride in watching others succeed and develop, as I grow with them.

Jay Poovakan Chief Executive Officer

Co-founding the LLC, Orito is responsible for innovating CRAZE's strategies in the field of marketing. Most of his time goes towards developing deep-rooted relationships with the partners of CRAZE.

Derin Orito Chief Operations Officer
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